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Silvia Vassileva epitomizes the famous phrase “joie de vivre,” or “joy of life.” The free and bold style of her paintings reflects vivacity and boundless energy.

Her paintings are energetic expressions of life, captured on the canvas for all to see and enjoy. They make an immediate emotional connection with viewers, and for this reason she has become one of the leading contemporary artists in the decorative art market.

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In Silvia’s own words: “When I paint, I enjoy the feeling of absolute freedom and abandon which inspires me to create a reality, existing only on the canvas. My goal is to take the viewer through this process - from everyday reality through its transformation in my mind, then through the expression of my own feelings into a new reality. For me, fine art is about feelings, about senses, about our soul and sensitivity.”

about Silvia Vassileva

Silvia took her first art class when she was twelve years old in her native Bulgaria.
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Silvia Vassileva
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